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I Am Eager To Become Former President Of Nigeria – Buhari



Muhammadu Buhari declears that he is already looking forward to becoming a former President of Nigeria as he apporaches the end of his tenure in office.

This is coming from the president who noted that it is not constitutionally possible for a president to spend three tenure in office in Nigeria unlike traditional leaders who he observed that their appointments in office were not terminal.

President Buhari made this known this on Thursday (February 24, 2022)  in Nasarawa state during visit to the palace of Emir of Lafia, Nasarawa State known as Justice Muhammad

He futher urged all politicians who take the oath of office, those who swear with the Holy Book, to serve the general public careful not to abuse the notion that was placed on them by the masses and even God.

He also praised the effort of the immediate former governor, Umaru Al-Makura for their initiatives and their contributions to the development of the state.