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Russian Armies Break Into Ukrainian Capital Amidst Conflict



The Russian Army has successfully invaded the capital of Ukraine on Friday as the two nations entered the second day of the inter-nation war.

According to a news report that was gathered from BBC, the Ukraine government stated that Russian Armies invaded the northern district of Kyiv in Ukraine. Russian armored vehicles were seen around Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine.

After the president of Ukraine discovered this, he reacted to it and sent messages to his citizen and the president of Russia. Zelinsky appealed to the president of Russia to put an end to the assault and consider a ceasefire.

The disagreement between the two countries had led to the loss of valuable properties and the life of more than 5 persons in Ukraine. Serval others have been injured while some are on the run for safety.

Canadian president has declared that Russia would be punished as world leaders try to settle the conflict.

World leaders have joined their voices to speak against the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

Some countries have taken steps to move their citizens from Ukraine back to their country of origin to ensure the safety of their lives.