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Father Mbaka Warns Enugu Governor Over Executive Order



Father Mbaka, the leader of the Adoration Ministry has warned the Enugu state governor over an executive order that was signed by him on Thursday.

The executive order placed a ban on all operations of tricycles, trippers,s, and motorcycles within three different local governments in the state.

Recall that it was reported by various news outlets on Thursday when the order was signed by the executive governor of the state.

On Sunday, the spiritual leader declared that the governor was taking a big step without considering the poor.
He further stated that some mothers, wives, and children won’t eat if some people do not go out with their Keke as many families depend on what they get from this.

He advised that any user of Keke that is caught in a crime should be punished rather than punishing even those who are innocent and have done nothing.

Some other individuals contributed to what the spiritual leader said by saying that even if he would stop them, then he should be ready to provide another means of livelihood for them as their families depend on them. This can even increase the crime level of the state as some of these operators can engage in crime just to survive.

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