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Russia-Ukraine: FG Says Fuel Scarcity May Continue As Oil vessels Face Delay on Sea



The war between Ukraine and Russia is said to prolong fuel scarcity in Nigeria as a large quantity of petrol is coming into the nation from the regions that are currently at war. On this note, the oil vessels face delays on the sea.

On Sunday, It was revealed that suppliers of petroleum products in Nigeria are likely going to stop the supply of this product for the mean time as a result of the deficit in the supply of crude oil cargoes from the NNPC.

NNPC must transport refined petrol into the country through traders or contractors. They also use a scheme known as Direct Sale Direct Purchase scheme.

This scheme functions in such a way that the country provides the crude oil to a partner country, which in return would refine and send the refined product back to the country.

Sources confirmed that Nigerians would likely face fuel scarcity for a longer period if the war between Ukraine and Russia gets worse.

This is because as a result of the war, the refined product can experience delay or even be hindered from coming back to Nigeria. This would have been a different case if Nigerian refineries are functional.

The source also stated that the country’s refined products come from Ukraine and not only Western Europe alone.