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Ukraine War: Putin Detains 8,000 Russian Protesters



Russia Restricts airlines from 36 countries

Russian Police apprehended at least 350 anti war protesters on Wednesday (March 2, 2022), according to news report.

Numerous videos show that police apprehended an elderly woman carrying anti-war and anti-nuclear posters while protesters applauded and lauded the woman.

Over 7,615 people have been detained in anti-war protests in Russia since last Thursday (February 27, 2022) according to a report.

Meanwhile, United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin made this announcement in a talk, “any rhetoric about the employment of nuclear weapons is dangerous.”

Austin, United States Secretary, who was interrogated if he has seen any form of movements supporting up President Vladimir Putin’s recent declarations regarding Russia’s nuclear weapons.

He said, “comfortable” with the United States’ nuclear posture, expanding “I’m positive that we can defend and protect not only ourselves, but our allies and partners.”

On Wednesday (March 2, 2022), Austin discontinued a planned investigation of the Minuteman III (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) that was originally planned to occur first week of March to avoid any activities that could be misunderstood or misconstrued during high tensions with Russia, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told correspondents during press conference at the Pentagon.