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We Are Not at War With Russia – French



Emmanuel Macron, French President has announced that he will continue to hold discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin until he persuades him of the need to end hostilities in Ukraine

Addressing the nation on the war situation, Macron told the nation that the coming days would be difficult for the people of the country.

Macron said his goal was to end the war and prevent it from spreading to other countries, saying he had spoken twice to the Russian president since the outbreak of hostilities on February 24

The French president said they were not at war with Russia, and were aware of their common ground as Europeans considering the contribution of the Russian people in World War II.

Russian President Putin with French President Macron

Macron also sent a message to Russians arrested for protesting against the ongoing war in Ukraine, saying they were with them for opposing the war launched in their name.

The president also paid tribute to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who has remained in Kiev since the outbreak of the war, describing it as a symbol of respect for freedom and courage

Ukrainian President and French President Macron

Macron said Europe was entering a new phase as a result of the occupation, and therefore needed to invest more in security and energy.

The president says no one needs war except Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been at the forefront of sending troops to Ukraine.

Macron says he will chair a summit of European leaders on November 10 and 11 outside Paris that will focus on how Europe can provide itself with energy and security

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