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Female Army Officer rushed to Hospital with S*x Toy Stuck in Vagina after Cranking up Speed



A woman has taken to social media platform to describe how a moment of “self-love session” barely cost her her life.

Alashawn, who herself as an Army officer on a viral TikTok video, expressed that she was rushed to the clinic and worried that she might lose her life after a s*x toy got stuck in her vagina

According to Alashawn, she had been away from home for almost 12 months, so she found a way to satisfy herself and came to her base with the sext toy which later stuck into her private part.

S*x tape

However, on one of those days, she determined to shift things up a little and decided to increase the toy speed. She stated the sex toy transmitted her to “heaven” within five to eight seconds, until she suddenly discovered she couldn’t bring it out.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital where the sex toy was removed from her vigina.

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