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Latest Developments On Russia Attack In Ukraine



Russia, Ukraine war

Here are the latest developments in Russia attack in Ukraine:

1). Russia Ceasefire in two Ukraine cities

Russian government through its defence ministry declares a ceasefire to allow civilians in the besieged port city (Mariupol) and the town of Volnovakha to leave. Mariupol’s mayor Vadim Boychenko announces evacuations which will commence at (0900 GMT).

The strategic city of (450,000) people on the (Azov Sea), which has undergone severe serious shelling, has been without electricity supply, food, water and heating for days in the midst of winter

2). Biggest Nuclear plant fire

A blaze at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant at (Zaporizhzhia) is put out, with Ukrainian government charging Russia of “nuclear terror” in shelling the station.

Russian battalions last week later take over the (largest power station) of the reactorrs, which produce a fifth of Ukraine’s electricity, after firefighters clarify they were staved off from catching the flame for hours

Nuclear power plant

3). More Talks Scheduled

One of Ukraine’s diplomats announces a third round of discussions with Russian government on stopping the battle is scheduled this weekend (March).

Russian President, Putin in a phone conversation with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz explains Moscow is ready for discussion over Ukraine if all its requests are met

4). Jail threat to Reporters

Best Russian newspaper outlet Novaya Gazeta explains it will stop broadcasting on the battle and the BBC announces it is discontinuing the work of its correspondents in Russia as President Vladimir Putin approves a legislation imposing tough jail penalties for the publication of “fake news” about the attack

5). Ukraine Attack:Not over soon

United States (UN) Secretary of State, Antony Blinken declares that the clash between Russia and Ukraine “may not be over soon” and that the United States (USA) and European allies must maintain hard pressure on Russian government until it stops.

Russia attacks on Ukraine

6). G7 threatens further penalties on Russia

G7 foreign ministers inform that Russian government will endure further “severe sanctions” for its aggression, and call on troops to end its invasions near nuclear power station.

7). NATO opposes no-fly zone

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg explains the alliance will not compel a no-fly zone over Ukraine country after Kyiv calls for one to assist stop Russian troops attacking of its cities.

8). Russia isolated

Russia is more isolated than ever after a historic vote at the United Nation Human Rights Council for an investigation into infringements committed during the conflict on Ukraine by Russia, with only Eritrea siding with Troops invasion.

9). Over 47 killed in northern city

More than Forty-seven people have been murdered following a Russian air attack in the Ukrainian northern city (Chernihiv) regional administrators explained.

10). Several rapes: Kyiv

Ukraine’s foreign minister has earlier says there have been various prosecutions of Russian armies on Ukraine assaulting Ukrainian women and calls for an international tribunal on war crimes.

11). Over than 1.2 million flee Ukraine

More than 1.2 million people have left Ukraine into neighbouring countries since Russia raided last week, the United Nations declares.

12). Stocks fall, gas, oil rise

Global stock markets collapse, gas prices reach a record high, and oil prices rise as investors worry the risk of an escalation after Russian troops bombed the nuclear power station.

13). Hunger Loom

The UN-United Nations’ World Food Programme warns about an imminent food hardship in Ukraine in fighting districts, while disorders in output and exports could lead to food insecurity Worldwide.