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Gunmen Release 35 Taditional Elders after Paying N26 Million



Gunmen in Nigeria have released the Emir of Guga Village in Bakori Local Government Area of ​​Katsina State, Alhaji Umar, along with 35 other hostages for 29 days after their relatives paid a ransom of N1. 26 million.

The militants reportedly attacked their village on February 7, killing 10 people and capturing 36 others, including the mayor.

Two days after the abduction, the gunmen demanded a ransom of 30 million naira before releasing them, prompting the villagers to spend time trading with them to secure their release.

The Premium Times reported that, after lengthy negotiations, the gunmen agreed to accept 10 million naira but when it was delivered they said they had received it as compensation for their slain comrades, so 20 million more

Abdullahi Umar, Basaraken’s son, said they had to go back and sell some of their assets, collecting N16 million and delivering them over the weekend, while the gunmen released them in the evening.

Umar explained that everyone in the town, including those who had not been taken by their relatives, had contributed to the collection of ransom money for the thieves.

Katsina State is one of the states where militants have been prevented from relocating for normalcy.

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