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Ukraine War: US Vows to Prevent Russia from Winning a War on Ukraine



US President Joe Biden has vowed to prevent his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin from winning a war against Ukraine amid international criticism of Moscow’s military actions that have claimed thousands of lives.

Biden, speaking at the White House, criticized President Putin for blaming him for causing 2 million refugees in Europe.

Biden said he would do everything possible to see Putin’s occupation of Ukraine as a loss but not a gain for Russia.

During Biden’s speech, he banned Russia’s oil exports to the world after reiterating that the United States would ensure Moscow’s economic collapse.

Joe Biden stated that Putin had seized the city but could not hold on to Russia.

Despite Western sanctions against Putin, Russian forces continue to crack down on parts of Ukraine in pursuit of the country’s goal of seizing control of some cities to avoid further damage, the president claims.

Russia has so far agreed to evacuate civilians from four Ukrainian cities just as the war enters its 14th day.