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Hushpuppi Commits Fresh $400k Fraud From Inside US Prison



Prominent Nigerian Instagram star, Ramon Abbas, better known as Hushpuppi, has acquired new charges as United States prosecution council submit court reports indicating how he engaged laundered and fraud over $400k from behind benches.

United States prosecutors submitted statements before the US District Court of California on Wednesday (March 16, 2022) with new proof accusing HushPuppi of executing money laundering and fraud Federal correctional facility in U.S.

The reports which stated that Ramon Abbas, while in United States Federal correctional facility took part in the bargain and laundering of Economic Impact Payment debit cards fraudulently received from snatched data of USA residents and citizens.

The Economic Impact Payments are financial support delivered by the United State America government to its residents according to the (CARES Act.) One of the mean qualified U.S.A residents collect their Economic Impact Payments through the debit cards. From the reports presented in court, it was realised that cyberpunks utilize data of United States citizens to arrange and collect EIP-Economic Impact Payments debit cards. They trade off these (EIP) cards in private marketplaces to other cyber pirates.