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Russian Government Accuses Google, YouTube Of Terrorist Activities



Russia Restricts airlines from 36 countries

Russian controllers on Friday (March 18) accused United States tech lord Google and its video associate YouTube of terrorist activities, the first phase towards a conceivable access declination.

Russia government has already halted access to other international tech lords including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as different independent news agencies.

Roskomnadzor, the Russian media regulator
declared, YouTube users are disseminating adverts with calls to close down railway communications between Belarus and Russia

Russia partially completed its military strategy against Ukraine previous month from the northern part through the territory of its associate Belarus.

“The YouTube usage activities are terrorist in nature and endanger the life and state of residents, Russian media Controller stated.

He also condemned Google’s plainly anti-Russian stance and mandated the United States company ends broadcasting anti-Russian tapes and videos as soon as possible.