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Bianca, Ebele Clash Was A Comic Relief – Soludo



Bianca, Ebele Clash Was A Comic Relief – Soludo

Bianca, Ebele Clash Was A Comic Relief – Soludo

Former first lady Ebele Obiano’s feud with Bianca Ojukwu has been hailed as comedic relief by the governor of Anambra state, Charles Soludo.

Remember how Bianca and Mrs Obiano became physical at Soludo’s inauguration and assumption of office?

The former first lady was widely blamed for the brawl, with many believing she approached Bianca first.

During an appearance on Arise TV on Tuesday, Soludo discussed the incident and said he loved the humor that resulted from the women’s brawl.

He said: “(It’s) the comedy that has emerged from it all that I have enjoyed. There is no distraction whatsoever. I think it was meant to be. Sometime to come, there will even be some movies or comedies and even a song out of that.

“As you saw, I didn’t even notice much of what happened. I think it happened while I was going to sign the oath of allegiance. It was just like a one-second thing. I turned again and continued signing my thing and I have not had one minute discussing it other than the comic relief you see posted. We are intensely focused on what we must deliver to our people.”