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Female Corper Ordered to Leave Camp For Refusing to Wear NYSC Khaki Trousers



An unknown female corps member has been reportedly asked to vacate the Gombe NYSC-National Youth Service Corps orientation camp over her denial to accept the official NYSC dress code

A viral picture on the internet reveals a female corps member wearing a long khaki-skirt and folded white-skirt instead of the regular white-shorts and khaki-trousers.

There were reports that the female corp was in the Oyo state NYSC orientation-camp but this was discredited by Oyo state NYSC spokesperson, Olatoye Christy

NYSC Oyo Public Relations officer stated, “The Oyo State National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) authorities has been brought to the viral video-clip on the Internet indicating an unknown female corper that was purportedly spotted in (NYSC) orientation-camp in Oyo State put on long white-skirt instead of the regular white-short,” it read.

“It is very necessary to notify the populace that the event was never happened in Oyo State NYSC camp. Corps members are expected to always put on the white-shirt and white-shorts as their NYSC uniform i orientation camp and there was never any corps member who rejected to acknowledge with the regular dress code whether based on religious sentiment or any other intention.

The National Youth Service Corp camp is a standard setting and no person can be permitted to act opposite to the laws and ordinances governing the Youth orientation exercise.”

Meanwhile, Gombe corps members at orientation camp acknowledged the corps member had been decamped for sporting a khaki-skirt.

Camp members said, the corps member was warned to change to regular khaki-trousers but she rejected hence she was decamped