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Nigerian Actress reveals how she escape Kaduna Train attack



Rahama Sadau, A distinguished Nigerian Kannywood actress on Wednesday (March 30) revealed how she was protected from the Abuja-Kaduna train invasion.

Recall that bandits on Monday night bombed a Abuja-Kaduna train after firing on the rail which struck the train to a stop.

It was collected that the bandits bombed the trainers before strongly achieving entry which led to the death of many people, while several others were injured and many others kidnaped.

The Northern actress in a post on her Twitter page announced that she was planned to be on the train with her blood sister but they shunned it.

Actress, however, remarked that she had colleagues who entered the train and were casualties of the invasion.

Sadau, however, took the chance to call on Nigeria citizens to get their permanent voters card (PVC).

We (AREWA) carried this h*ll upon ourselves, we chose to be quelled because we are frightened. But also neglected to realise that the power is actually in our hands… We don’t want to shamefully admit that our authorities have failed us but THEY HAVE!!!

“Today, With the amount of security operatives at MKO Abiola Stadium, I Came to realise that Nigeria is competent of doing whatever it feels like but “they” just chose to avoid the murders, the whole goddamn security area. #KadunaTrainAttack.”