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Kenyan President slams Constitutional Court



Kenya’s Supreme Court has ruled that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attempt to change the country’s constitution is illegal, which has hampered his chances in next August’s elections

Six of the seven judges presiding over the court ruled that the president had no power to amend the constitution or amend it as required by section 257 of the constitution.

However, amendments could be made that would be re-introduced by parliament or in other ways, as long as the president is not involved in the reforms.

The reforms are expected to expand the executive branch and increase the number of seats in parliament, a major change in Kenya’s political system since the introduction of the new constitution in 2010.

The plan has divided the East African country’s political elite.

Kenyatta argued that the change would make politics more confusing and help end electoral violence.

The court ruling comes after the High Court and the Court of Appeal ruled against the amendments made last year.