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NRC comments on the Attack on its Train between Abuja and Kaduna



The Nigerian Railways (NRC) has clarified the attack on one of its trains on its way to Kaduna from Abuja on Monday, saying it had not been identified so far. where 21 passengers are not.

Presenting their report, the Director General of the Nigeria Railways, Engineer Okhiria Fidet, said a total of 362 passengers were officially confirmed to be on board the terrorist attack.

The engineer added that so far they have confirmed that 170 passengers have survived, while 21 are missing, but did not elaborate on the remaining 171 passengers.

Preliminary reports shortly after the train attack on the Abuja-Kaduna highway last week indicated that it was carrying more than 900 passengers, while more recently, a report by the Nigeria Railways stated that the train would can carry 840 passengers.

Trains between Abuja and Kaduna have already been suspended, pending the completion of the roadblocks set up by terrorists, and security.