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Kwankwanso Blames APC, PDP As He Set to Declare for Presidency Next Week



Kano State former governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, is set to confirm his interest to contest for the post of the President in the forthcoming general election to the public.

The announcement is scheduled for next-week after the Easter festivities holidays.

According to Presidential Aspirant, he is announcing his ambition to struggle for the post of the President of Nigeria in forthcoming election because the two giant parties; APC and PDP have failed citizens of Nigeria.

While speaking with reporters at his Abuja home on Friday night, He explained Nigerians were furious over the prevailing conditions of the affairs of the nation and were extremely striving for a real transition in the way things are performed.

“I have been discussing widely with colleagues and Nigerians of various interests and the finding has been favorable. I will be notifying Nigerians of my political intention eventually early next week,” Presidential aspirant said, putting in that members of the ruling party are all unusual bedfellows whose philosophies have no likeness.

“The upcoming election will be between those who are excited with what has occurred and those who want improvement. We are not happy or pleased with what is going on and we want to improve it. The method is not helping and everyone feels it,” Presidential Aspirant added.

On insecurity, the ex-minister of defence criticised the present government, claiming that President General Muhammadu Buhari has not exhibited enough responsibility and courage towards enhancing the capability of the security mechanisms to be able to overcome the unlawful elements troubling the country.

How did we get here? The parliament should be more significant about defense. As a Ex-Minister of Defence, I never thought insecurity will ever be this bad in this government within this short moment of time. How did we find ourselves in this trash? What really transpired?

Our problems in this country have to do with the government. When the political administration is not powerful enough to encourage the army, and ensure they are taken care of in terms of exercise and retraining as well as provision of appliance, arms and ammunition to conform the criminals.

“Nobody is talking about liberating people and the murders and kidnappings continue to arise again. So, I believe the government has to do further. We are so nervous, and I believe security is one of the aspects we will deal with with ultimate competence so Nigeria citizens can be unrestricted again to seek their daily careers. We want the Army and other law enforcement mechanisms to fight insecurity,” He noted.