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Buhari Ends Up Destroying Nigerians – Kukah



The Archbishop of Sokoto, Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has completed the destruction of all aspects of life under his administration and allowed corruption to flourish.

Delivering an Easter message at his church, Kukah said every aspect of Nigerian life was ruined, while the country became a hospital with a large number of patients.

He said the hearts of Nigerians, their families, homes, churches, mosques and amenities had all been destroyed under the Buhari administration.

Kukah said the country’s education system was in shambles as the country’s political, economic, energy, communities, roads and railways collapsed. and corruption

Nigerians cannot understand their country

He said Nigerians today could not understand their country because it was out of its mind due to the problems that plagued it under the Buhari administration

Kukah said in view of the many problems plaguing Nigeria, some Nigerians were questioning whether those in power did not hear, see or experience the plight of the Nigerian people. in-care because nothing bothers them.

The process of restoring the country’s values

The imam said the biggest challenge facing the Nigerian people today was to take steps to restore the country’s values ​​and hope that the people would live until next year’s elections and to look at the future to address the challenges ahead. discipline the country by building public character and patriotism.

Kukah called on religious leaders to take immediate action to save Nigeria from its current predicament, especially given the millions of people in the country and around the world who are abandoning Christianity and Islam to become atheists