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APC to Nigerians: We are committed to your well-being



The Nigeria ruling party, All Progressive Congress has affirmed enormous commitment to the protection and well-being of all Nigerians

APC in a declaration by Felix Morka, the Party National Publicity Secretary announced the Easter period gives an extraordinary chance to promote closer connections with family, friends and societies.

“We enjoin Nigerian citizens to imbibe importance of kindness, humbleness, selflessness, commitment and compassion in our personal areas, societies and other public meetings.

Certainly, kindness and peaceful co-existence persist the bedrock on which our unified aspiration for civil, economic and political development must exist.

APC-led regime is decidedly devoted to the good and well-being g of our nation. We will continue to promote the enactment of people centered programmes to give increased employment and gainful resorts, strengthen and modify the economy; greatly enhance security of lives and possession, extensive on-going programs and improvement of our transport infrastructure, and other social enterprises planned to enrich the needy and other economically deprived fellow citizens,” he noted.