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President Cyril Ramaphosa declares South Africa in a State of Flux



The South African government has sent 10,000 troops to help restore electricity and drinking water and is searching for 63 people missing after a devastating typhoon caused the worst floods in South Africa.

A week after unprecedented rains in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal province, killed 443 people.

Reports from the country say the floods have damaged several roads, as well as areas that have been hit hard by road damage.

The worst hurricane in the country’s history, caused heavy rains in and around Durban.

About 40,000 people were displaced and more than 550 schools and nearly 60 health facilities were destroyed.

Many children are expected to return to class after the Easter break on Tuesday, but authorities have warned that 271,000 students will not be able to return due to school damage.

The government has announced an emergency relief of one billion rand ($ 68 million).

The country is still struggling to recover from the Covid pneumonia epidemic and riots that killed more than 350 people last year, and now floods that have claimed property and lives. mostly in the south-eastern part of the country.