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2023: Buhari, Osinbajo Present As APC NEC Holds Emergency Meeting in Abuja



President General Muhammadu Buhari, Yemi Osinbajo and All Progressives Congress Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu are current at the Party National Executive Committee emergency meeting in Abuja.

Buhari is presiding over the 11th NEC meeting.

While addressing the committee members, the Party National Chairman stated the meeting is the first the NWC-National Working Committee will be having with the National Committee and will start the process by convening aggrieved members of the party as well as discussing forthcoming elections.

The Chairman also exhorted members to strengthen outstanding behaviours, according to Adamu, the party’s inherent issue is the problem fueled by ego.

He remarked that different ego within APC has expanded the void between the past and present governors and it stands a risk of provoking a divide in the party and enabling members to grieve.

Adamu called for a postponed of the current rancour within APC because according to him there is no purpose for the contest.

The Chairman also asked all the present governors to function harmoniously and with common respect with their ex-governors, some of whom are not in National Assembly to settle many of the intrinsic challenges.

The new slogan he says should be All Progressive Congress first.

Adamu pledged that the National Working Committee will perform, extremely with a United front, pointing out that contrary to projections of dissolution, the party has appeared stronger.

He further advised members to move away from utilizing the media to resolve grievances but resort to the constitutional requirements of the party for conflict resolution.