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Over 43,000 Nigerian Pilgrims To Perform Hajj this Year – NAHCON



HAJJ 2022-After two-year of no-hajj activity for the Nigerian Muslims society due to Corona virus regulations put in place by the administrations of Saudi Arabia, a low 43,008 pilgrims from Nigeria are anticipated to conduct this year hajj rite in Saudi Arabia.

Alhaji Nura Hassan Yakasa, the NAHCON-National Hajj Commission of Nigeria commissioner for Policy, Personnel Management and Finance (PPMF) verified this to newsmen on Wednesday, announcing the Saudi governments have allotted 43,008 pilgrims percentage to Nigeria for this year Hajj exercise.

The 43008 Nigerian pilgrims would be among the over one million pilgrims authorized by the Saudi’s administrations for Hajj 2022 exercise, comprising people from other countries in Europe and citizens of the United Kingdom.

The 43,008 spaces assigned to Nigeria for this year Hajj is far from the 95,000 percentage approved for Nigeria for yeae 2017, 2018 and 2019 exercises respectively.

After skipping the 2020 and 2021 Hajj exercise over COVID-19 limitation, no fewer than 150 pilgrims from Nigeria, including those who enrolled for 2020 and 2021 periods but could not make it, are expecting to complete 2022 hajj.

The 43,008 allotment will definitely put National Hajj Commission, State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Boards (SMPWB) and private trip operators under immense strength to choose 43,008 pilgrims from Nigeria on the rule of merit for this year’s Hajj.