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Macron pledges to strengthen France after second term victory



French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to unite the nation, which has been embroiled in sectarian strife since being re-elected for a second term in a landslide election victory by hardliners.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters near the Eifel Tower on Sunday night, President Macron vowed to mend fences between the French.

The center-right Macron won the election with nearly 59 percent of the vote, while his opponent Marine Le Pen won 41.46 per cent of the voting, according to final conclusions from the Interior Ministry. show.

Macron is the first French president in 20 years to be elected for a second term, and his victory has delighted many in Europe, given that extremists have been put on the brakes in their bid to seize power in the country. which is important in the European Union.

But in this victory over the extremists, the gap is small compared to their clash in 2017, where Macron won 66 percent of the total votes cast, and the result Le Pen’s acquisition is now the most exciting thing extremists have ever experienced in the country.

Emmanuel Macron has a long way to go in his second term, which includes preparing for a parliamentary election in June, in which he will be able to carry out his plans, and finding a solution. Russian occupation of Ukraine.