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SSS warns over Bomb attack in Nigeria



THE NIGERIA State Security Service has warned Nigerian citizens on likely agendas by some components to embark bomb attacks on significant infrastructure and common places such as church and recreation centres, particularly during and after the ramadan celebrations.

State Security gave the signal on Tuesday in a declaration by Peter Afunanya, the SSS spokesman.

He explained the unlawful components were plotting to reinstate the country to the pre-2015 period reminiscent of (IED) bombs on low and heavy targets.

The notification by the State Aecurity appears a few days after suspected ISWAP/Boko Haram attackers exploded IEDs at a distinguished recreation center in Taraba State.

State Security, in the statement, called on proprietors of such target spots to be cautious of this improvement and implement essential security regulations to prevent the threats.

“Following these, benefactors, owners, and directors of aforementioned public spots are warned to be cautious of this advancement and implement important security measures to prevent the warnings

While the Service is devoted to the turmoil of this mode and structure of brutal attacks, it will proceed to collaborate with other security mechanisms to ensure that critical exercises are emplaced in order that civic peace and order are not jeopardised, “ the circular stated.

SSS also enjoined citizens “to go about their valid businesses and share, with security and law enforcement mechanisms, effective information on the actions of criminals.