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Russia cuts off gas to Bulgaria and Poland



Russia’s Gazprom has suspended gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria over non-payment of gas purchases between the two countries in Russian rubles.

The move has already sparked speculation in Russia, with emergency talks taking place at EU headquarters in Brussels.

Russia’s main energy company has also warned the two countries that if they dare to use natural gas reserves for other European partners, it will reduce its gas exports to parts of Europe by the same amount as Bulgarian and and Poland took over.

Russia’s blockade is the first since Russian President Vladimir Putin warned last month that any European country wishing to buy its natural gas must do so. they must use the Rash to be exchanged instead of the US Dollar or Euro.

Since the announcement of President Vladimir Putin, only Hungary has approved Russia’s new gas procurement system, while the rest of Europe has rejected the demand as part of a breach of economic sanctions.

As long as Russia stops supplying gas to Europe, there is no doubt that it will cause economic hardship in Europe, lead to rising gas prices and the possibility of gas sharing between them due to shortage, although This will put a strain on the Russian economy.