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Isbae U speaks on domestic violence, cheating scandal, relationship with fellow Comedian, Mummy Wa



Famous Nigerian Comedian, Adebayo Ridwan known as Isbae U has opened up on cheating allegation and relationship with fellow comedian, Mummy Wa.

The drama which started some months ago after they unfollowed each other on Instagram after the viral video of Isbae U cheating.

However, one popular naija blog has called of the comedian of dumping Kemz Mama (Mummy wa) of going back to his former girlfriend and also alleged him of collecting money from Mummy Wa.

While replying to the allegation, Isbae U stated, Kemz Mama gave her some cash as contribution to car and house he purchased and was given out of love.

He clarified that he has also reimburse what she has done for him and pray to balance up.

He cited, “Mummy Wa financed him with #4m out of #50m of the house