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Chiellini will part company with Juventus before hanging up his boots



Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini has confirmed rumors of a move away from Juventus at the end of the season after 17 years with the club

Chiellini, who announced the move after Juventus’ 2-2 defeat to Inter Milan in the Coppa Italia final on Wednesday night, said he had done his best and now was the time to pull off. behind.

Speaking to reporters after yesterday’s match, Chiellini, who led Italy to victory in the Euros after beating England last year, said he had made significant strides over the past 10 years and now had less to do than where he left off. .

The striker has revealed that he will no doubt say goodbye to his fans at Juventus Stadium on Monday after their match against Lazio before their trip to Fiorentina on the 22nd of this month, which will be the final of the season.

Since returning to Juventus from Fiorentina in 2005, the 37-year-old Chiellini has won nine Serie A titles and five Coppa Italia titles.

The striker has already announced plans to hang up his boots after Italy and Argentina meet in June at Wembley under the relegation zone.

Juventus are set to finish the season in the top four and will be in contention for a place in next year’s Champions League.