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Parent demands N270m from Son in Court over failure to give them Grandchildren



India couple identified as Sadhana and Sanjeev Prasad dragged to court demand 270 million naira as compensation from their son after failure to give them grandchildren.

AFP reported that the parent asserted to have exhausted their account raising their son who is a pilot and also for paying for his wedding without any reward from it.

Son who is said to have married for over 6 years without thinking of getting children, the parent also said if there is baby from their son to spend time with.

The payment demanded from son comprises 50m-rupes, money on wedding party in a five-star hotel, paying for the couple’s honeymoon and car worth $80,000 USD as well as #65,000 USD to get him tutored at US as a pilot and only for him to back to India jobless.

They also said to have borrowed capital to construct a house and now in financial difficulty, the petition explained.