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Akinwumi Adeshina announces withdrawal from Presidential race



Akinwumi Adeshina, the AfDB President has stated that the assignments before of him will not permit him to bid for the presidential position.

Adeshina, who thanked the people for loving him by demonstrating support and honor for his candidacy, said the assignments ahead of him at the Bank were multiple.

The President of the Bank said he was committed to development issues affecting Nigeria and Africa as well as shareholders in the Bank on other continents.

Adeshina said he was overjoyed by the calls and messages he had received from Nigerians at home and abroad who wanted him to run in the next presidential election.

Adesina thanked those who had volunteered to exhibit their concern in the cause and particularly the necessity for him to run for the presidential post

Not to be forgotten is a coalition of youth, women, farmers, people with disabilities and expatriates along with prominent Nigerians proclaiming the purchase of presidential form for Adeshina under The ruling APC.