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EU to reduce number of troops operating in Mali



The European Union (EU) has said it will withdraw some of its staff from training in Mali’s military, a sign that relations between the bloc continue to sour and the Malian military government.

The move was announced by the head of the European Union’s foreign policy office, Joseph Borrell, during a speech to regional security ministers meeting in Brussels.

However, Borrell said, however, that the group would remain in Mali, saying it had already received assurances from Spain, which has the largest contingent in Mali, that it would not reduce its numbers, while Germany says it will withdraw most of its troops from Mali to neighboring Niger Republic.

The European Union (EU) announced in April that it was suspending training of Malian security forces after the country invited Wagner’s mercenaries from Russia to help fight terrorism.

For its part, the French Foreign Ministry described the decision by the Malian military government to revoke from the G5-Sahel war on apprehension as one that would further separate the country.