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Opposition Leader arrested in Chad after Anti-French protests



A senior fellow of Chad’s opposition has been apprehended following a series of toxic anti-French protests that provoked the country’s military government to issue a serious warning, his group and security officials have said.

Opposition leader Max Loalngar, the leader of the opposition Wakit Tamma opposition group, has been arrested in connection with a series of violent protests that have turned violent, according to police. her social media.

Opposition spokesman Micheal Barka told AFP that he had been abducted by gunmen in two vehicles and taken to an undisclosed location.

Wait Tamma was one of the organizers of riots on Saturday which denounced France of invading Chad and supporting the establishment of military rule in Chad.

A spokesman for the French news agency AFP said the protest had taken place and that two French flags had been set on fire and seven homes belonging to the country’s owner had been set on fire, injuring dozens of police officers, according to the Chadian police.