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15 Years After: Marcelo Confirms Real Madrid Departure



MARCELO-Saturday 28th, Real Madrid attained the European champions with 1:0 win over Liverpool FC

It was arguably the slightest thrilling of their four knockout bonds, but the it enabled them to top one of the most epic races in European league record.

The comebacks and dramatic periods of the last games made this run all the more sensitive for the players and the supporters, strengthening plentiful to the notion of Real Madrid FC.

Marcelo, yet those periods, this success and that games are more important for one footballer than any other

He has become the only Brazilian Captain of Real Madrid that has raised a Champions League and also as first to lifted European Cup in White.

He ascertained in the mix area that he would be leaving the league to Mundo Deportivo.

He expressed his happiness over the victory and also thank their supporters for the great night.

It is just a luck to be the Captain of the league and putting up the cup before leaving

In 2007, Marcelo signed deal with Real Madrid as a teenager with 6.5m Euro, with fifteen years, 41 goals in 556 appearances and 103 assistances.