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Presidency: Tinubu Congratulates Atiku, says He will be A qualified Rival in 2023



Bola Tinubu, the ruling party presidential contestant and party chieftain has applauded Atiku Abubakar, who appeared as opposition party official Presidential candidate in the upcoming General Election.

Ex-Lagos gov on Sunday ( May 29) asserted that he will be a capable opponent of PDP-People Democratic Party in the upcoming general polls. The statement stated.

75-year-age will be running for the presidential seat in the country for the sixth times in 2023.

Atiku was elected by the party delegates across the country on Saturday primaries at Abuja.

The former VP won 371 votes against is major rival (Nynson Wike) within the party for the highest stool in the country.

Tinubu explained that Atiku victory was not a surprise to him because of his experience.

The Ex-Lagos gov, who is hoping to win the ruling party delegates backing to grab the party ticket for Presidency.

He asserted that the looming election should be about matters that would enhance the quality of life of citizens, as well as bring unity, improvement, political strength, and unravel myriad of socio-political issues and insecurity confronting Nigeria.

He urged the opposition candidate and other party leadership in the nation that we should make this election period one that is barren of bitterness, rancour, and struggle.