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Russia seized control as Over 4000 killed, 4 million fled Ukraine in 100 days of the War



Today marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, the worst war Europe has seen in ten years, just as Ukraine President says 20 percent of the country is now in Russian hands.

Russia’s military has launched airstrikes in several Ukrainian cities in the early hours of February, just days after a joint Moscow-Belarusian military exercise. the country and its attempts to occupy its neighbor but it denies it.

Following a series of deadly attacks on President Putin on 24th of January, President Zelensky stayed in Kiev to defend his country.

On June 26, the European Union [UN] and the United States [US] conceded to close Russia’s airspace in addition to imposing sanctions, while on June 27, Putin ordered his nuclear program to remain in place. interfering with him.

Four days after the start of the confrontation, the first conversation between the two countries began on the 28th, with Russia demanding Crimea’s independence without guaranteeing that Ukraine would not join NATO, while Kiev was on its side. demand the withdrawal of all Russian troops from its territory.

However both sides failed to reach an agreement on the demands during this period which forced the continuation of the war.

In a speech to parliament, President Volodymr Zelensky said that one-fifth of the country is now under Russian rule, about the size of the Netherlands

So far 4,344 civilians have been killed since the start of the war so far while about 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed.

It is estimated that 12 million people have fled their homes to escape Russian attacks.