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Malian Army kills 40 Terrorists



Mali’s troop says it has killed more than 40 militants in the north of the country in clashes with jihadist militants, losing two of its fighters.

In a statement, the Malian army hailed its victory in the government’s military crackdown on jihadist groups in the north of the country.

The statement said that was the number of battles it has been fighting with terrorists since mid-May.

The army said on Thursday it had responded to an ambush on a road between Gossi and Gao in the north of the country, killing two soldiers and wounding nine others.

The military said in a statement on May 13 that it had killed two suspected terrorists, who it said were members of the al-Qaida-linked Kataiba Serma group.

A jet fighter on a criminals camp in western Serma on May 27 also killed 31 terrorists, including jihadist commanders and Malian troops. looking for water in jallo