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Morocco Sets up Drug control Watchdog



The Moroccan drug control agency has met for the first time with one of the final steps before allowing the use of marijuana in the country.

The North African country has approved a temporary law in 2021 that temporarily authorizes the use of cannabis in the processing of medicines, cosmetics and industrial products, and has set up a special body to control it. keep an eye on it.

Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit led the commission, to approve its global counterparts’ agenda, with a budget for 2022.

The commission will be responsible for overseeing all agricultural processes, from seed imports to cannabis sales.

It will also monitor the licensing process for local and international workers in the official cannabis industry.

The amount of marijuana grown in North Africa is estimated at more than 700 tonnes in the last two years study released by the International Crime Agency.

According to the UN’s 2020 report on drug control and crime, Morocco is the world’s largest producer of cannabis.

Cannabis cultivation was banned in Morocco in 1954, but some changes have been made because the cannabis plantation helps at least 60,000 families, growing it on nearly 55,000 hectares.