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Body set on fire as Mob kills Man for Blasphemy in Abuja



A man reportedly to be a member of local guard [Vigilante] was killed for abusing Prophet Muhammad in Lugbe, Abuja

The incident happened at Timber market in Lugbe area of FCT, Abuja.

Observers stated the victim was known of the act of disrespecting the prophet and the latest was on mid-night of Saturday.

But the gang activity took place around 1:00pm on Saturday [June 4] after striving refuge in the office of vigilante in the market.

It was collected the VG outfit was outnumbered before he was murdered in that same place, thereafter, burnt

The victim identified as Small Hundaru was said to have been insulting Muhammad (SAW) for some time which he later caught after buying food at the market on Saturday.

He was stoned and ran to the office for safety which other colleagues unable to help because of the crowd that chased him and petrol was spilled all over his body and burnt before the office.

However, with the presence of security officers, the place was peaceful but three people were reported to have been shot by the security.