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Cameroon Army kills 9 Civilians in Separatist Region



Cameroon’s defense ministry says armed forces have murdered nine civilians, including a baby, in the country’s separatist region.

A statement from the Ministry of Defense said that on June 1, when four government troops were searching for one of their missing compatriots, they encountered Missong residents who feared they would be attacked.

The ministry explained the soldiers opened fire, killing four women, four men and an 18-month-old baby, and injuring a 12-month-old baby.

The statement described the activity of the troops as unconstitutional, especially the use of excessive force, which is why they are currently being held under investigation.

Even in February 2020, the troops killed 23 individuals in an attack at the northwestern village of Ngarbuh, while the United Nations [UN] says 15 of them were children.