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Niger Gov hails Tinubu’s APC Presidential Primary



Gov Abubakar Bello of Niger State has on Wednesday congratulated Ex-Lagos Gov and ruling Party chaiftain, Bola Tinubu for his victory as Party Presidential candidate.

Tinubu emerged party candidate at the Convention of the All Progressive Congress in Abuja.

Gov Bello, in a congratulatory memo, explained the selection of Tinubu amongst other eligible candidates is a tone of confidence of the abounding party delegates across Nigeria.

Tinubu’s success symbolizes enthusiasm in his capacity and potential to rework the nation, reestablish the dwindling assurance of the people and stimulate the success of the country’s waning economy in the shotlest possible time.

He also explained that the election was free and fair and the emergence of a Southern candidate as a party standard bearer is in the best interest of justice, fairness, harmony and stability of Nigeria.

He urged other aspirants, party leadership and members to support the party candidate to win in the general election in 2023.

The transparent and victorious conduct of the election and the teamwork of party members, it has become a huge stepping stone for the party’s success in the upcoming polls next year”, Bello stated.

He also commended Buhari, Party Chairman Adamu, NWC members in the conduct of party primary election.