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Lawmaker jail for offending President in Senegal



A Senegalese lawmaker under the opponent coalition in the country was arraign and jail for offending the head of state and spreading fake news about the head of state, the victim lawyer says.

Sheikh Abdou Mbacke Bara Dolly is a member of an opponent union that is associated to another governed by the major Senegalese rival Ousmane Sonko.

The member of committee had made significant assertions about Sall during a march by the two factions on Wednesday in Dakar.

Security cops took him into detention on Thursday evening.

He “ openly made horrible remarks against the president of the country ”, the justice minister explained in a press statement circulated on Friday.

The ministry later “gave instructions” for the legislator “to be charged

Tension is huge in Senegal ahead of legislative polls due to take place on 31st of July.

Anti-government grievances were organized on Wednesday by an opposition union named Yewwi Askan Wi, in which Sonko is a prominent figure.

The Constitutional Court has prohibited him along with other opponent figures from taking part in the upcoming elections.