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Ashawo Meaning and Origin



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What does Ashawo mean? If you have been wondering to know Ashawo meaning and origin, this article is for you. The word ashawo has been around for some time and has become even more popular with the rise of social media influencers. This pidgin slang has made it to the English dictionary because people use it frequently. But what does Ashawo mean? And where does it come from? We’ve got you covered if you try to impress your friends or want to be hip by dropping some pidgin and Yoruba phrases. Please keep reading to understand more about the definition of Ashawo and its origin.

Understanding the meaning of Ashawo can help you understand why it is slang.

Origin of Ashawo

The origin of Ashawo is not specific. The word may have been derived from the Arabic word for “memory” or “remembrance,” which may be associated with the idea that the origins of this custom are lost in time. Some believe that Ashawo was a practice started by the ancient Egyptians, who thought that a person who died before their time would be reincarnated on earth as a spirit or ghost.

The ancient Egyptians believed that spirits had no bodies and could not be buried with their earthly possessions. Instead, they buried their belongings with them so they would continue to exist in the afterlife. This practice eventually spread throughout Africa, evolving into what we know today as Ashawo.

In other cultures, Ashawo was a way for people to honor their dead ancestors by placing parts of their bodies on the earth after they had died. African tribes likely started these practices because they were one of the first groups to migrate out of Africa and settle in other areas.

This means the origin of the word Ashawo is not clear.

The word “Ashawo” means “short-lived” in the Hausa language. It is usually used to depict someone who has a short lifespan and dies early.

In addition, some people use this term to refer to a person who dies young due to an accident, disease, or any other reason that leads to their death.

Ashawo meaning in Africa

The word Ashawo comes from the indigenous African language. It is a term that means “the one who has come.”

While our definition may vary, the meaning of Ashawo can be interpreted in many different ways. In some parts of Africa, it is used as a greeting, while in other regions, it is used as an introduction to someone new.

In Nigeria, where I grew up, Ashawo is commonly used in place of a prostitute or a person who is immoral when it comes to sex.

Shocking meaning of Ashawo in Nigeria

Ashawo is a Nigerian word that has been around for many years. However, not many know what it means. Different cultures have names for ashawo and other forms of prostitution in Nigeria. Ashawo which means prostitute in Nigeria, and how one can distinguish an ashawo from other forms of prostitutes in Nigeria, like ganawu or gbomo gbomo (whore). “In fact urbandictionary explained that It’s a Nigerian word ( specifically yoruba) that means prostitute, hoe, home wrecker or slut”


We will also cover some of the standard slang terms that people use to refer to ashawos, like agbero and omo onile, who are the ones that commonly engage in this practice in Nigeria.

Is ashawo bad?

Ashawo can be seen as both a sexual term and a curse word. It is frequently used to abuse someone by suggesting that they are promiscuous. To avoid offense, asking people what ashawo means before using it is best. If they tell you it means penis, then that’s your answer.

Ashawo meaning in the Yoruba Language

For those unfamiliar with the word, ashawo refers to a woman who lives independently and can financially care for herself. The Yoruba language defines a woman with resources, implying that she can fend for herself, not relying on anyone else to provide for her. It can also be described as a free-minded woman who doesn’t need any man or other form of support and is happy with what she has; she is an independent lady.

How was it derived

In Yoruba, ashawo refers to a woman who is unmarried and fertile. When an unmarried woman becomes pregnant, there’s no telling whether the child’s father is her husband or someone else. And because children are seen as blessings that bring favor to the household, women are pressured to have as many babies as possible. So being an ashawo means you’re both single and pregnant. Many Nigerian parents hope their daughter gets married one day, but if she gets pregnant before she weds. Well, then she becomes an ashawo.

Where is ashawo used?

Ashawo is a slang word commonly used among Yoruba people in Nigeria. It originates from the name Ayisha. The title means the woman who brings joy or a gift from God. Nigerians often use this term to describe ladies with natural features such as good skin, full lips, curvy hips, and voluptuous breasts.

Who uses ashawo?

In Yoruba culture, ashawo is a derogatory term for someone perceived to be effeminate or a homosexual. The term could also imply that the person has soft skin and rounded features. If used as an insult, ashawo is often synonymous with words like ‘sissy,’ ‘faggot,’ and ‘bitch.’ However, this word can also be used out of love if one talks about his mother or wife and wishes her to prosper.

Examples of people using ashawo

Nana Ashawo is a folkloric character that adults tell young children about. She is seen as an African version of the bogeyman and does not represent a person from the real world. The meaning of ashawo in Yoruba means different things depending on the region. Still, it often means being cheated or deceived, especially when one becomes consumed by what they can buy. This word has also become slang for prostitutes, which Yoruba’s conjugation system may explain with- words referring to people who practice professions or trades, often related to trade. In this case, it could be seen as using ashawo to refer to someone who walks trade routes.

You can now use the word ashawo with absolute confidence because you have known ashawo meaning and origin from the article.