Open letter to HRM. Attah of Igala Kingdom (Agabaidu), as Attah Abuteje Grave Yard Is under Attack

Attah of Igala Kingdom

Open letter to HRM. Attah of Igala Kingdom (Agabaidu), as Attah Abuteje Grave Yard Is under Attack

The danger and the implications of the Ihiakpe boys collaborating with Fulani’s herdsmen launching deadly attacks on the Bagana/Otutubatu Soil in Igala land

GABAIDU! May you live long, may the land of Atta Ayegba remain peaceful and productive GABAIDU.

It’s imperative to publicly bring to your notice again the incessant attacks on Bagana by the Patani community in collaboration with Fulani herdsmen.

The attacks is barbaric, wicked and cowardice. It’s imperative you take cognizant of those inviting Fulani herders in your kingdoms for destruction. May the land destroy those who want to destroy the land.

The barbaric attack on the 23rd of May with huge population of warriors traceable to Fulani Herdsmen invited across River Benue through Nassarwa state to Bagana.

GABAIDU; We just critically look into the implications of this action, does it mean Patani are the brain behind all the Fulani invitations into our great kingdom? What is the connection of Patani community with Fulani? This must be treated with a sense of urgency your highness GABAIDU

The Once most powerful and populous market town is deserted once again and this time we must bring the perpetrators to book. They must account for all their killings and destruction.

I am aware of the committee of Chiefs you’ve set up for this crises. Sir, the silence from them is worrisome and we are running out of patient with what is going on.

The Patani boys have made it a habit to attack any Otutubatu son’s and daughter seeing on that route… Bagana – Abejukolo road is no longer safe for fear of attack. If not for God’s intervention one of our own was almost beheaded last week and again this week another serious attack and burning down of houses which our people have never gone to Patani to retaliate but how long should we continue to watch this heartlessness on our soil? Their popular slogan is if we can’t get it we’ll destroy it but the time has come for your intervention GABAIDU.

GABAIDU; What’s is going on? Are they not known people behind those attacks? Is Bagana no longer part of Kogi State? Is Bagana no longer part of Igala Kingdom? Our heart is bleeding 🩸

The the answers to the above questions will better navigate my lines of thought to either look elsewhere for help but we believe in your timely intervention this time around.

GABAIDU, you already know we are peaceful and law abiding citizens of the Kingdom with the great Abuteje grave in Otutubatu as the first settlement areas of the ancient immigrants. That same Otutubatu is under threat, Abuteje grave and shrine is under threat

We are known warriors and can never be chickened out of our ancestral land of Abuteje.

Fulani Herdsmen are already threatening the existence of our people and our land and they should never be an option to hire as mercenaries into our kingdom but that is exactly what the Patani’s are doing.

GABAIDU, we’ve been enduring this for over 3 years and our patient is running out… time to act now GABAIDU

By the INEC voters registrations, Bagana town with over 4,000 registered Voters couldn’t produce 180 votes in the last election even after putting some measures in place for everyone to come home. How long can we continue in this GABAIDU?

GABAIDU, It’s time to put an end to Bagana crises please for the sake of our history.

GABAIDU; Committee upon committee have been set up; why are they no solutions? Are they powerful men at the corridors of power that are feeding fat on our predicament? Why is our own so hard to solve? But history is always beautiful with evidence to show how peaceful we have been but our patients is tired and waring

GABAIDU kindly look into this matter and help us out.

Your Son
I.D Ijele

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