Who is Kinsley Idoko Ilona, Kogi State APGA Guber Candidate for Nov Election

The chief executive officer of Lona Media, Chief Kinsley Idoko Ilona

Who is Kinsley Idoko Ilona, Kogi State APGA Guber Candidate for Nov Election

The chief executive officer of Lona Media, Chief Kinsley Idoko Ilona has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by successfully leading a world-class outdoor advertising firm.

Advertising industry: His experience in the advertising industry, particularly in introducing LED digital billboards into Nigeria, shows his innovative approach to problem-solving and his ability to bring new technologies to the state.

Track record of success: Under Chief Idoko Ilona’s leadership, Lona Media has become a prominent player in the outdoor advertising sector, with its billboards being highly visible across Abuja. This demonstrates his ability to achieve tangible results.

Job creation: Through Lona Media, Chief Idoko Ilona has created numerous job opportunities for Nigerians, contributing to the economic development of the country. His focus on job creation can be extended to benefit the people of Kogi State.

Experience in government service: Chief Idoko Ilona’s appointment into the board of Agricultural credit facility by President Muhammadu Buhari highlights his experience in government service. This experience will be valuable in navigating the complexities of governance.

The chief executive officer of Lona Media, Chief Kinsley Idoko Ilona
The chief executive officer of Lona Media, Chief Kinsley Idoko Ilona

Commitment to agriculture: His involvement in the agricultural sector through the board of Agricultural credit facility showcases his dedication to supporting and promoting agricultural development. This experience can be utilized to enhance the agricultural sector in Kogi State.

Innovative thinking: Chief Idoko Ilona’s introduction of LED digital billboards into Nigeria and the construction of large billboards demonstrates his innovative thinking and willingness to embrace new technologies. This mindset can be applied to drive progress and development in Kogi State.

Strong network: As the CEO of a prominent media company, Chief Idoko Ilona has established a wide network of contacts across various industries. This network can be leveraged for the benefit of Kogi State, attracting investments and fostering partnerships.

Local entrepreneurship: Lona Media, being a wholly indigenous company, exemplifies Chief Idoko Ilona’s support for local entrepreneurship and his commitment to the growth of Nigerian businesses. This can translate into policies and initiatives to promote local businesses in Kogi State.

Infrastructure development: Chief Idoko Ilona’s involvement in constructing some of the largest billboards in Nigeria and Africa demonstrates his capacity for infrastructure development. This expertise can be utilized to improve the infrastructure of Kogi State, such as road networks and public facilities.

Commitment to public service: Chief Idoko Ilona’s decision to run for governorship under the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) shows his dedication to public service and his willingness to serve the people of Kogi State.

Youth empowerment: As a young and successful entrepreneur, Chief Idoko Ilona can serve as a role model for the youth in Kogi State. He can implement programs and initiatives that empower young people and provide them with opportunities for growth and development.

Financial acumen: Successfully managing Lona Media requires financial acumen and business savvy. Chief Idoko Ilona’s experience in running a successful company can be applied to effectively manage the financial resources of Kogi State.

Commitment to transparency and accountability: Chief Idoko Ilona’s track record in the private sector reflects his commitment to transparency and accountability. These values can be extended to his governance, ensuring that public resources are used efficiently and ethically.

Vision for progress: Chief Idoko Ilona’s experience in the advertising industry and government service, coupled with his innovative thinking and commitment to development, positions him as a candidate with a clear vision for progress in Kogi State. His leadership can steer the state towards growth, prosperity, and improved quality of life for its citizens.

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