Chinoko: 3 years of robust management of CMD at 5 decades — Abubakar Yusuf

The Director General, Center for Management Development, CMD, Bitrus Danharbi Chinoko

Chinoko: 3 years of robust management of CMD at 5 decades — Abubakar Yusuf

The Centre for Management Development CMD is as old as Nigeria itself, five decades after it was conceived, the hub of capacity building and manpower development largest in the African continent had been on a pedestal of improvement under the leadership of Bitrus Danharbi Chinoko three years stint.

Away from it’s moribund status before ascension of the current Director General, Chief Executive officer three years away, Chinoko’s transformational agenda had yielded not only much desired results in the area of infrastructure rejuvenation, but staff reorientation and training to meeting the current trends and realities post COVID-19.

Under his leadership, staff morale, welfare and improved service had hit the top roof, with positive feedback from numerous organizations and engagements with both private and public entities been trained by the centre to provide standard training and retraining personals and capacity building.

With the indepth knowledge and conversant with the day to day activities of the centre, Chinoko who was appointed in May 20th, 2020 took advantage of the age long experience in the system to touch all facets of the activities of the agency in Lagos, Abuja and other zonal offices across the country.

In line with the act establishing the centre, he mobilized both human and material resources towards ensuring standard practices not only in train the trainers been carried both in the public and private sector.

With renewed zeal, enforcement in line with the act establishing it and the mandate of the centre, it had become a norm , as it became a beehive of activities for both employers of labour, small scale businesses, conglomerates to enroll it’s staffers on routine train the trainers programs.

The current management concerted efforts in collaboration with both national and multi national conglomerates to advance modest and state of the art training, particularly in the present era of digital innovations, advancement and initiatives had yielded much desired results.

This was as a result of wholistic reforms and rejigging of it’s activities and programs to conform with the present realities.

With the ongoing infrastructural and managerial rejuvenation, the centre is now repositioned to deliver on its statutory functions with strict and up to date supervision from the current leadership of the centre.

The synergy between the public and private entities on the need to adopt standard practices in carrying out manpower development and capacity building of personal across the country had become a norm in Nigeria.

No doubt, the centre had embarked on all categories of trainings both for the low, middle and high level personal which also included the politically exposed, economic experts that had contributed not only the political, social and economic development, but bureaucratic and career advancement.

With strict enforcement and monitoring, trainings, retrainings, capacity building and empowerment usually embarked upon by politicians through constituency projects haphazardly, had been subjected to standard regulations from the Centre for Management Development CMD.

Under the leadership of Bitrus Danharbi Chinoko, the quarterly training for train the trainers programs had been restored and other outlets of manpower development, collaborations are been exploited to address the present realities.

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