Chief Nwachukwu Anakwenze, party stalwart and ex-presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP
Chief Nwachukwu Anakwenze, party stalwart and ex-presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democractic Party, PDP
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Ex-Presidential aspirant, Nwachukwu Anakwenze breaks silence, says No talks to dump PDP for another political party

By Our Correspondent

Chief Nwachukwu Anakwenze, party stalwart and ex-presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democractic Party, PDP, has clarified that he is not leaving the PDP for another political party in the country.

He was speaking against the backdrops of a trended online report, purporting his alleged plan and concluded talks with notable southeast leaders of one of the major dorminant parties in the country to jump ship.

The party chieftain was quoted in the trending social media report as cited the lingering and unavoidable intetnal acrimony diminishing fold of the former ruling party in Nigeria.

It further purported that the former presidential hopeful had slated the coming week to announce and unveil his formal defection to the party which shall take place in Abuja.

Chief Anakwenze regretted the undemocratic resort to falsehoods, cheap propaganda and blackmail by unscrupulous individuals pollinating the nation’s political scene in their inordinate quests for power and personal aggrandisement.

According to him,”i don’t know the benefits mischievous people derives in orchestrating and spreading false and misleading information on persons without firstly verifying or hear from the person.

“All these are propagated by detractors and enemies of true democracy. Why should i leave a party i have made huge contributions to ensure its democratic and political developments? Why will dump a party built on true democratic ideologies and principles, despite few discrepancies, and shortcomings of disgruntled party members who are bent to destroy monumental strides recorded in her development?

“I would want to use this great medium to make these clarifications, so as not to allow these mischief makers and fifth columnists to deceive and sell the dummies to the gullible, and indeed, the general public in the society. I have no plan to leave PDP for another party. And i had never for any moment in any day, nurse such thoughts, or concluded talks with southeast leaders of the political party the fake news peddlers are purporting i planned to defect to.

“This speculations of this kind is borne out of blackmails and selfish political aggrandisement. And also, the misleading information is being orchestrated by mischievous elements whose DNA and stock-in-trade is to create disaffection in PDP ranks, and also incite party leaderships against patriotic, law abiding and loyal members”.

“I urge general public to discountenance the rumour and fake news about purported intention by me to leave my party, PDP; the fastest and most democratic-developed and oriented political party in Africa and the globe”.

On internal squabble in the rank of the main opposition party in Nigeria, Chief Anakwenze, assured that genuine and loyal party members will commence peace parley titled at resolving critical issues that truncate the effort of the Peoples Democratic Party to secure a win at the recently-conducted presidential and state elections in the country.

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The ex-presidential hopeful who after the presidential primary election of the People Democratic Party last year, mobilized his campaign structures and rallied support for the party’s presidential candidate in the just-concluded 2023 polls, frowned in strong term unwholesome activities and obvious sabotage and treachery displayed by most party leaders during the recently-held presidential and state gubernatorial elections respectively.

He however reassured that the former national ruling party will regain the presidency of the country to be able to continue in its provision of meaningful infrastructural amenities, and restore the country on the path of economic prosperity, grieving that the government of the All Progressives Congress in Nigeria had failed to demonstrate capacity towards finding a lasting ends to myriads of challenges impeding the growths and development of the nation.

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While reassuring that the former ruling party will regain its place in the leadership of the country, the ex-PDP presidential aspirant, reiterated his vision for a united Nigeria

He partly said: “We want a true democracy in Nigeria beginning with freedom for fellow Nigerians and by extension, Africa, as a whole. We want Nigeria where the various ethnic groups feel that they have a stake in the future of the country. We envision a Nigeria where leadership is based on merit; hard work, fairness for all and accountability the measure of our national character.

“We envision a United Nigeria in a true sense of the word “United”, where every Nigerian feels a sense of belonging and not marginalized. Where the governed have trust in the governance and the governed truly believe that they can vote, and be voted in to serve understand the true meaning of “public trust” .

“We want a country where regardless of one’s ethnic and/or religious background, they feel that they are part of the equation. We envision a Nigeria where ethnic diversity is seen as strength and asset to be harnessed and celebrated as part of our rich heritage.

“We want a country where Equity, Fairness and Justice should be the guiding principle for a just society that we envision. We want a Nigeria where the majority’s right is balanced with the minority’s right”.

Asked further to speak on the outcome of the 2023 presidential election held in the country, Chief Anakwenze regretted that the polls was marred by massive electoral irregularities, adding that the concluded process lacked credibility and did not conformed with basic democratic principles and tenets.

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Words: “No! the concluded presidential poll was not free and fair. The man announced as president-elect did not win the election. And as a result, Nigerians should not expect anything good from his government.

” Tinubu can’t offer necessary democratic dividends to the citizens. APC impoverished Nigerians, so shall the new administration will toe same path in foisting on the people poverty-oriented policies. To Allow Tinubu who took fourth position, to be declared winner of the concluded presidential election and the new Nigerian president is disastrous to this nation”, Anakwenze added.

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