Father’ Day: Onolememen felicitates with fathers, hails their impact

Former minister of works, Dr (Arc) Mike Onolomemen

Father’ Day: Onolememen felicitates with fathers, hails their impact

The former Minister of Works, Dr (Arc) Mike Onolememen has felicitated with fathers as the world celebrates their day. He said this in a message sent to press men on Sunday morning in Abuja.

“I want to use this medium to felicitate with fathers, myself being one, on their day that is being celebrated all over the world. I know the challenges one faces as a father. From providing food for the family, providing education to holding family values intact.

These impactful sacrifices are immeasurable and the totality of these contribute to a balance and stable society. No one can discount the sacrifices fathers play in uniting families together especially in times of economic hardship when they need to go extra miles to feed the entire family. This is more demanding when fathers have to juggle between making sure their families are kept intact and working.

“In Africa, in most homes, the father is the center of the family. He is the totem pole that holds the family together. He provides, he instructs, he is exemplary, he ensues there is unity and cohesion, he interfaces, he settles disputes, he demands and gives morality and respect. Apart from these, he shows the children love, guides and guards them, he instills discipline when necessary…all these roles he plays are summation of societal expectations without which the children will become problems to the Community in which they live in.”

He admonished father to continue to take the roles given to them by God Almighty seriously as there is always rewards here and in heaven. He asked them to shun vices because children do the things they see their parents do. He also advised that governments and institutions where fathers work should look into their welfare because a happy worker will easily make make a good father.

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