“I have no hand in Samuel Akala’s suspension”, Says Karu LGA Chairman.

Executive Chairman of Karu Local Government  Council, Hon James Thomas

“I have no hand in Samuel Akala’s suspension”, Says Karu LGA Chairman.

Following the suspension of the former Executive Chairman of Karu LGC, Hon. Samuel Akala Gajere by the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the area over an alleged anti-party activities, the incumbent Executive Chairman of Karu Local Government  Council, Hon James Thomas and management of Karu local government council of Nasarawa State has refuted a statement credited to the former Executive Chairman of the council pointing acvusing finger at the council boss as mastermind behind his suspension.

Akala had issued a statement titled ” I remain a bonafide member of APC, My Suspension is null and void”

Reacting to the allegation in a statement issued by Umar Suleiman Gurku,
Special Adviser to the Executive Chairman on Information & Communications, quoted Akala as been disdainfully dragged the coveted office of the Executive Chairman of Karu local government into his public odium with our revered party the All Progressives Congress(APC) emanating from alleged anti party activities, disloyalty and total insubordination and disdain to the office of the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State.

“We had maintained dignified silence and never wish to get embroiled into Samuel Akala’s debacle because we are neither the APC, Executive Governor nor the Nasarawa State House Of Assembly but simply allows him Samuel Akala to face the music and enjoys its melody as we watch with keen interest as committed and loyal party men. But the seeming abuse, disdain and wanton disregard to the office of the Executive Chairman of Karu local government council in the most recent Akala’s letter writing essays is hereby condemned and smacks of immaturity and hypocritical.”

Executive Chairman of Karu Local Government  Council, Hon James Thomas
Executive Chairman of Karu Local Government  Council, Hon James Thomas

For the records, this character deficit as clearly seen in the emotional outburst of Akala Samuel Gajere constitutes threat to the peace and tranquility of Karu local government Area as there is no such man with so much energy to invite everybody for a fight without a brain touch. How would Samuel Akala challenge the offices of the Governor, Karu Executive Chairman and even the State party Chairman and you expect he is mentally normal? As a government, we are duty bound to stand up against the imminent danger of the likely sponsor of thugs to destabilized the law and order of Karu local government Area by this overreaching, overbearing and above all over zealous supporter as well as a newly baptized social crusader who does not know where to stop.

In view of the above therefore, the DSS, NPF, NSCDC, Army are hereby enjoined to closely monitor activities around and about Akala Samuel Gajere as his arrogance if not checked could be disastrous. We hereby declare Akala Samuel Gajere on Security Monitor list of Karu Local government Area pending the council’s further action.

To this end, we wish to state unequivocally that the Executive Chairman of Karu Local government council Hon. James B. Thomas has no hand whatsoever in the suspension saga of Samuel Akala and would not but the former Chairman would do well by coming down from his high horse and respect the party executives when he was invited to appear before a committee for fair hearing as he affirmed that it was enshrined in our party Constitution instead of coming to the media space to dish out tissue of lies under the pretext of speaking truth to power through his so called God given conscience. Conversely, If APC suspends Akala Samuel is a testament to the fact that Karma is truly a promise keeper. Has he Akala forgotten so soon his heartless, barbaric and undemocratic style how he delisted and replaced eighty six (86) party ward executives in 2018 who voted against him during the local government APC primaries against the incumbent Hon. James B. Thomas? Indeed revenge is a dish best eaten cold, this is poetic justice being served. Karma at work.

In addition, he called the Hon. James Thomas led Karu local government as “failed administration”. This is laughable. As Karu local government has never produced a controversial former Chairman as Akala Samuel. House A13, 69 Road Sunshine Estate, close to Manny ville school Gwarinpa, Abuja was bought with Karu LGC tax payers money and was later sealed by EFCC and ICPC. Samuel Akala’s megalomaniac tendencies left much than to be desired during his days as Karu local government Chairman. Hon. James Thomas has a clean bill of health and understands clearly that those who live in glass house do not throw stones. Can Akala Samuel show the public his Code of Conduct bureau forms before he became Executive Chairman and after? Character, integrity and honesty are the hallmark of true leadership not noise making and fraudulent impression.

Finally, we acknowledge that the political party alone has the discretionary power to discipline and promotion of members and the freedom of Association as captured in the 1999 Constitution as amended is not by coercion and therefore to remain a member of an association you must intentionally obey rules and regulations always and cease being more catholic than the pope. Government’s primary duty is to ensure peace and security of lives and properties and we shall deal decisively with any individual or individuals that seeks to breach it. This government shall continue to be alive to its responsibilities.

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