Governor Yahaya Bello and Continues Transformation of Healthcare Delivery in Kogi, as Odolu-Efu Community Clinic opens for operation

Governor Yahaya Bello and Continues Transformation of Healthcare Delivery in Kogi, as Odolu-Efu Community Clinic opens for operation

In a remarkable turn of events, the Odolu-Efu community in Oganenigwu ward, Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, is experiencing a surge of elation as they witness the completion and supply of essential medical equipment to their newly constructed clinic. This breakthrough comes after years of neglect and soaring mortality rates due to the absence of a healthcare system in the area. The state government’s intervention in prioritizing the healthcare needs of the community has brought hope and relief to the people, marking a significant milestone in their quest for better medical facilities.

The Odolu-Efu community clinic, designed to serve approximately 14 villages in Oganenigwu and Iyale wards, as well as other communities in Bassa and Omala LGAs, has been a long-standing endeavor. The project commenced as a community-driven initiative almost five years ago, supported by generous pledges from various individuals.

Among the notable contributors were Late Alhaji Maigida Rio, an Ebira businessman, who made an instant donation of ₦500,000 towards the foundation of the clinic, signifying the oneness of Kogi State. Late Abu Egbiti and Hon. Idoko Moses Ododo also stepped forward as prominent donors, fulfilling their commitments. Their contributions and dedication are acknowledged with gratitude, and the people have said that their legacy will forever be intertwined with the clinic’s success.

Governor Yahaya Bello’s leadership and commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure have been instrumental in transforming the lives of the community. The timely intervention, completion, and equipping of the clinic by the governor stand as a testament to his vision for accessible healthcare for all.

The intervention has wiped away the tears of the people, providing them with much-needed medical facilities that will significantly reduce the hardships they have faced for years.

The youth leader of the community, Alhaji Oseni Abdullahi, expressed his gratitude for the completion of the clinic, emphasizing the tremendous relief it brings to the ward’s residents. Previously, the absence of a nearby healthcare facility resulted in unfortunate loss of life, particularly when faced with emergencies. Patients would struggle to reach the distant Iyale hospital, often succumbing to their illnesses before receiving medical attention. With the new clinic now operational, the community can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that urgent medical care is just moments away.

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello
Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello

Similarly, Councillor Nathaniel, representing Oganenigwu ward, extended his heartfelt appreciation to Governor Bello for his timely intervention in completing and equipping the clinic. He acknowledged the immense hardship endured by the people and recognized the governor’s efforts as a turning point in their healthcare journey.

The community leader and Gago of the community also expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the challenges faced in the past and the urgent need for accessible medical facilities. Additionally, local stakeholders and political representatives aligned in their appreciation while thanking and appreciating the efforts of Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho. Hon. Paul Gowon Haruna IJN, Member House of Representatives, Hon. Prince Ishaq Shaibu Okolo and other Critical Stakeholders, The community leaders assured the governor of their unwavering support in the upcoming Governorship Election on 11th November 2023

While celebrating this significant achievement, the people of Odolu-Efu have not lost sight of the need for further progress. They unanimously called upon the state government and the federal authorities to expedite the construction of the Iyale-Odolu Efu-Otutulu-Oganenigwu-Etutekpe Ring Road. Described as the most dilapidated road in the entire Igala Kingdom, its development is seen as a crucial step towards unlocking the area’s vast agricultural potential. With proper infrastructure, the agricultural produce from the community could not only sustain Kogi State but also contribute significantly to the nation’s food security.

The newly finished community clinic boasts state-of-the-art facilities aimed at providing comprehensive healthcare services to its residents.

These include a doctor’s consulting room, a nurse’s office, a labor room, male and female wards, a pharmacy, an emergency ward, a reception area, a waiting room, a solar-powered energy system, a standby generator, a laboratory, and well-equipped toilets and baths. The clinic’s modern foreign hospital beds and furniture ensure both patient comfort and efficient medical care.

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