Governor Obaseki in the Mud

Governor Obaseki in the Mud

Governor Obaseki in the Mud

I think the Commissioner for Information, Mr. Chris Nehikhare, should as a matter of urgency address a world conference to discount the video going round the social media that the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, was stuck in the mud yesterday.

He should be able to explain to the world that although the video was real, videoshopped, doctored and unreal, but that it was the handiwork of the opposition, APC, and Legacy PDP. He should be able to explain to the world that the #17 billion the federal government paid back to the present government for federal projects done by the past administration was not cornered, as being reported by the opposition, but was plunged into the Sobe Farms in Owan for food security in the state, and that some parts of the fund will be used to finish off as a killer blow both the Gelegele Sea Port and the Edo North Cargo Airport before 2024.

The commissioner should add that the $75 million loan from World Bank has been used to employ quality teachers to fill all schools in Edo State and part used to renovate ailing classrooms in Akoko-Edo, Esan and Owan.

In addition to this, that since the migration from 5 days a week work to 3 days, the government has provided Tablets for all the students and teachers in Edo State through the massive work of EdoBest, and the connection of WiFi is now in ‘every nook and cranny of the state.’

He should go back to remind the citizens that almost all the roads within the Benin Metropolis have been tarred, including the Ekenwan Road billions was budgetted for years ago, which leads to Gelegele Sea Port, as well as Cooke Road, the very road where the governor comes from, where his placenta was buried as a child.

He should remind the people that the governor who was part of those who initiated the Benin Water Storm as the economic team lead under the past administration, and actually did not use his company to sourced for funds for the project and didnt get 9% as peddled by some members of the opposition.

That the governor continued the project to address the perenial flood problem in the city, and that Benin is no longer threatened by flood around GRA and Uselu and other areas.

Let him not forget that as requested, which the government will not oblige, that the government should show any single signature project it has embarked up since 2016 from start to finish. He should tell the world that there are several of such projects including the Edo Industrial Park, which is the largest in the entire of West Africa.

The commissioner must add for public discuss, how perfect the 13% from oil derivative has been utilized for prawling infrastructures in the state as you can see in Rivers, Kano and Lagos.

The commissioner should not forget to add that the government has paved hinterlands roads and credited farmers in rural areas from the loans secured from World Bank running into billions of Naira.

It will be more fulfilling to announce that few developmental strides are not concentrated in Benin alone, but as promised during the 2020 campaigns, there are projects in 192 wards in Edo State; schools, healthcare, roads, security.

Let the commissioner insert Finishing Strong in that Social Document called We have a Story to Tell, which is not meant to decieve the knowing people.

Elempe Dele advised from Abuja.

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